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Tracking, Mixing, production and video services.

Rhodes keyboard | Take Six Studios

Tracking and Mixing

Rhodes keyboard | Take Six Studios

Take Six Studios is comprehensively equipped to meet the needs of major label artists, independent singer songwriters and corporate clients. Productions range from well developed demos, singles, EP’s to full blown albums for commercial release. Previous productions at Take Six Studios include solo folk singer songwriters, rock, pop, hip hop artists and traditional/classic ensembles.

Full Blown Production

Otari MTR-90 | Take Six Studios

We aim to help you achieve the sound you desire for your music by offering creative production input as requested. Pre-production sessions help effectively blend our creative ideas with those of the artist, to achieve their musical vision. We offer an artist-centred approach to production to include project management covering budgetary needs be they financial or time based in nature.

Video Services

Recording studio quality headphones | Take Six Studios

The video service we offer is a brilliant way to bring added value to your music. Make it as simple and straight-forward or as complicated and crazy as you want. Check out Take Six Studio’s YouTube channel for some of our latest uploads.

Take Six Locations

Take Six Mic in live room | Take Six Studios

Let us capture the brilliance, life and energy of you live performance be that a live amplified gig or a purely acoustic performance e.g. orchestras and choirs. Contact us to discuss your particular recording requirements and we’ll be happy to quote.

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