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Here at takesixstudios, based in Newry, our primary focus is to create a relaxed music production environment. The heart of the studio is the E-Series SSL Console. Recording platforms include the analog tape Otari MTR-90 MKII and Pro Tools HD3.

This is complimented by an extensive range of classic outboard gear, including Neve, Emperical Labs and software plugins such as Waves and Antares. Also offering a range of bespoke analog processors, developed in house. In addition to the recording equipment is a range of quality instruments, both acoustic and electric such as, DW Drums, Yamaha U3, Gibson, Fender, Rhodes, Mini moog etc.

Take Six Studios Recording Studio


A rare combination of an original E-Series SSL Console, classic outboard compressors and EQ, 2” Analog Tape and Pro Tools HD.

The Take Six Studios Live Room

Live Room

The natural acoustic characteristic of the main live room lends itself to the recording of a wide range of instruments including vocals.

Take Six Studios Recording Gear


Offering a comprehensive range of quality microphones, value amplifiers, outboard compressors, reverbs, EQ modules and musical instruments.

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