SSL 4000 E- Series 40 Channels.

Jensen Transformer Mic Pres.

B+B 1537A Class A VCAs.

RHS Patch Bay.

Plasma Metering.

SSL Computer G Series Software.



Otari MTR90 MKII 2” 24 track cw 24 channels of Dolby A noise reduction.

Nakamichi MR1 Professional cassette deck.

Digital System 1

Pro Tools HD3 accel.

Digidesigin/Avid 192 Audio Interfaces [32 in / 64 out] x4.

Digidesign/Avid SYNC HD.

Digidesign/Avid MIDI IO [10x10].

Digital System 2

Pro Tools HD3

Digidesign/Avid 192 Audio Interface [8 in / 16 out]

Field Recorders

Tascam DR100mk2 portable recorder


Genelec 1038a.

Genelec 1030a.

Dynaudio BM15.

Epos E15.

Epos M12.

Epos M8.

Naim Allae .

Naim Intros.

Linn Isobariks.


Beyer DT100 x2.

Beyer DT150 x7.

Audio Technica ATH M50 x2.

Samson S-Phone Headphone Mixer Amp.

PMC Headphone Amp.


Neve 2254A x2.

UA 1176LN.

Joe Meek VC1.

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor.

TC Electronic Triple-C.

Furman Stereo Compressor/Gate LC-6.

Behringer Composer Pro MDX2200 Dual Mono.

LA 4C Quad Compressor.

SSL Mix Bus Compressor.


Pultec/Neve hybrid dual mono.

Ashley PQX 572 Stereo 7 band parametric EQ.

Klark Teknik DM27 graphic equaliser x 2.

SSL E Series Parametric.

SPL Stereo Vitalizer.


EMT240 Gold Foil plate.

Lexicon PCM 90.

Lexicon PCM70.

Lexicon MPX550.

Lexicon LPX15.

Yamaha SREV1 Convolution with remote.


TC electronic D2 digital delay.

PMC Tremolo.

Digitech Vocalist II.

Akai S3000 Xl Sampler.

Rane CD 48 Delay.

Ultracurve Pro DEQ 2496.



PMC 72dB Microphone Preamplifier.

Focusrite Voice Master Pro.

D.I. Boxes

BSS AR-133.

Behringer Ultra-DI Model DI100 x3.

ETA PD 8 Power Conditioner.

VOVOX microphone cables.

sE Electronics Space Reflection Filter.


Shure SM58.

Shure Beta SM57.

Shure SM57.

Shure SM7.

Shure Beta 91.

AKG D112 [X2].

AKG C418 [X4].

AKG C451 EB CK1 capsule x2.

AKG C451EB x2.

Sennheiser MKH40.

Røde NTV.

Neumann KM74.

Neumann U87ai.

Brauner Phantom [x2].

Crown PZM-30FS.


Byetone IM27.

Electro-Voice RE11.

Oktava ML-19.



DW Kit (Maple).

Kik: 20x18.

Snare: 14x5 (Craviotto Snare).

Tom 1: 10x8.

Tom 2: 12x8.

Tom 3: 14x8.

Vintage Premier Floor Tom 16x18.

DW 5000 Series Stands, Pedals and Fittings.

Cymbals and hi-hats<

Zildjian K-Series Custom Dark Hi-Hat 14”

Zildjian New Beat Hi-Hat 14”

Zildjian K-Series Custom Dark Crash 17”

Zildjian K-Series Custom Dark Crash 18”

Zildjian K-Series Pre Aged Dry Light Ride 20”

Zildjian Impulse China Boy 18”

Zildjian ZBT Crash 16”

Sabian Splash 8”

Sabian Dark Crash 16”


Korg SG1 proX.

Yamaha Professional Workstation 9000 pro.

Moog Minimoog Model D.


Yamaha U3 Overstrung Upright Acoustic Piano.


Gibson Les Paul Standard [Tiger strip 2003].

Gibson Les Paul Standard [Honey burst 1994].

Fender Precision Bass [1972].

Fender Telecaster Deluxe [with Gibson Humbuckers 1974].

Lowden Acoustic F35 [1997].

Epiphone Acoustic [1985].


Double Bass.




Marshall 50W 2x12 JMP all valve combo (1978).

Fender Champ (1975).

100W Marshall AVT100 valve state combo with ATC speaker.

Marshall 1960A 4x12 Cab .

Marshall Guitar Pre Amp 9001.

Semour Duncan QudraTone 64-50 valve preamp.

Guitar Pedals/Effects

MXR90 Phase.

MXR Dynacomp.

MXR Stereo Chorus.

Boss Digital Delay DD3.

Boss Turbo Overdrive OD2.

Electro Harmonix Small Stonehaser.

Yamaha stereo chorus.

Korg Toneworks Rack Tuner.

Vox Valvetronix ToneLab Guitar Simulator.

PMC Guitar re-amp/pedal interface unit.

Vinyl Replay System

Turntable: Linn PL12, Denon Cartridge, Naim Aro Tone Arm, Naim Armagedon PSU.

Pre-amp: Naim 62 RIAA plus SNAPS PSU.

Active Crossover: Naim SNAC X3.

Power Amps: Naim NAP135 X6 (SIX PACK).

Speakers: Linn Isobariks (Active).

CD Replay.

Arcam FMJ 29.

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